Pakistan: Man tortures wife for not getting pregnant

by Kal El on June 27, 2012 · 7 comments

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Gotta love these third world inbred fucktards. Let religion, not science and education dictate the way lives are led.


Domestic violence: Tortured ‘for not conceiving a child’


MULTAN: Sahuka police have arrested a man accused of torturing his wife, inflicting wounds on her body with a heated iron rod, for not conceiving a child since three years of their marriage.

However, the police have yet to register an FIR in the matter. SHO Mirza Jameel told The Express Tribune that the injuries suffered by the woman, 22, were too insignificant to require prosecution of the suspect. He said there were six categories of injuries and the ones the woman had suffered were the minor ones.He said the woman was also mentally unfit so the police could not rely on her statements alone.The SHO said he would still keep the suspect, Muhammad Asghar, in custody until a written complaint was received from the woman’s family that they don’t want to press charges against him.Muhammad Hussain, father of the woman, said he did not plan to pardon the suspect. He said he had filed an application with the Sahuka police for the registration of an FIR.The SHO, however, denied having received any complaint from him.Talking to The Express Tribune, Burewala tehsil headquarters (THQ) hospital medical superintendent Dr Nasir Dilshad said the woman had 12 burn wounds on her body. He said she had also been burned with cigarettes. He said he had sent the medico-legal report to the police. “They should now decide whether or not to prosecute,” he said.The MS rejected the police’s claim about the mental state of the woman. He said she was in a state of trauma but otherwise her mental abilities were intact.He said she would remain under observation at the hospital for another three days.Talking to The Tribune at the hospital, the woman said she was tricked by her husband into accompanying him to work on Sunday night to his landlord’s farm house in a neighbouring village where he tied her up and burned her with iron rods.She was later dumped in a field where one of her relatives found her on Monday morning and took her to the Burewala THQ hospital.She said her husband had said he was torturing her because she had failed to conceive a child in three years of their marriage.

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  • Anonymous

    what happens if it turns out that he is the infertile one? does she get to torture him? somehow….i think not. retards. 

  • rug cleaning Haverhill

    Excellent article, very informative, I learned quite a bit! Yes, I agree with you.

  • Tonto

    Why are such dangerous retards allowed to live in the real world.  This idiot should be shot dead and his children sterilized if he has any.

  • Vanstuck

    Well , if the ‘book’ says he has to do it then he has to do it. It all seems a bit backward to me, hey is’nt that how one reads the quaran

  • Plumbline

    1 John 4:20……..
    If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen?

  • Anonymous

    Let us not forget another wonderful Muslim practice. She probably can’t conceive because her genitals were mutilated when she was age 8 or 10.

  • cacslewisfan

    He has probably been doing it wrong. Soldiers coming back from Afghanistan say that Muslim men think women are horribly dirty and don’t want anything to do with their “lady parts.”