Norway: Man embraces islam, plans terrorist acts

by Kal El on June 27, 2012 · 4 comments

Do you like this story?

But I am sure it has nothing to do with religion.


Norwegian man trained by Al Qaeda in Yemen is planning an attack on the West, say security forces


A trained terrorist from Norway is awaiting orders to carry out an attack on the West, officials from three European security agencies have revealed.The man is believed to have received terrorist training from Al Qaeda’s offshoot in Yemen and is ready to strike.Western intelligence officials have long feared such a scenario – a convert to Islam who is trained in terrorist methods and can blend in easily in Europe and the U.S., traveling without visa restrictions

Officials from three European security agencies confirmed the man is ‘operational,’ meaning he has completed his training and is about to receive a target.All spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case publicly. They declined to name the man, who has not been accused of a crime.’We believe he is operational and he is probably about to get his target,’ one security official said. ‘And that target is probably in the West.’

A security official in a second European country confirmed the information, adding: ‘From what I understand, a specific target has not been established.’European security services, including in Norway, have warned in recent years of homegrown, radicalised Muslims traveling to terror training camps in conflict zones. Many of the known cases involve young men with family roots in Muslim countries.But the latest case involves a man in his 30s with no immigrant background, the officials said.

After converting to Islam in 2008, he quickly became radicalized and traveled to Yemen to receive terror training, one of the officials said.The man spent ‘some months’ in Yemen and is still believed to be there, he said.The official said the man has no criminal record, which would also make him an ideal recruit for Al Qaeda.’Not even a parking ticket,’ he said. ‘He’s completely clean and he can travel anywhere.’The official would not specify what preventive measures were being taken but said ‘there is a well-established relationship between Western security services, and they share the information needed to prevent terrorism.’

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  • Tonto

    Sooner or later, the West is going to have to “open season” on muz.  Those countries where firearms have been illegally torn from the hands of the people will suffer, but take heart, edged weapons and blunt force trauma is effective and quite fun when one really gets into it.

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    Outstanding article over again! I am impatient for your next post.

  • Mkanan

    You people are so easily deceived. This article is bogus.

    First, this super terrorist has not even been charged with a crime. Secondly, he hasn’t been arrested. If he’s such a huge threat, why hasn’t he been arrested? And finally, there is no valid evidence other than heresay.

    This article is simply to incite fear into the minds of people. And it looks like it worked.

    “He has a target and that target is PROBABLY in tuhe west”.

    Are you kidding me? Do you actually believe that. If these Eurpean agencies know that he has received training from Al-Qeada in a training camp in Yemen then why don’t they take them down?

  • SirWilhelm


    He hasn’t been arrested, because they can’t find him.

    Al Qeada training camps aren’t that easy to find these days. They’ve learned the hard way that they have to hide them, and they try very hard to do that. Once in a while, we find them anyway, and you hear about a drone strike, and dead Al Qeada, like Al Awalki.

    The nature of the War on Terror is never ending, because those in power, in the West, refuse to identify, or recognize, the real enemy, Islam.