CIA foils al Qaeda underwear bomb plot intended for anniversary of bin Laden death

by Kal El on May 7, 2012 · 13 comments

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Muslims just can’t get enough of strapping explosives to their bodies, can they?


CIA thwarts Al Qaeda underwear bomb plot near anniversary of bin Laden’s death


The CIA has unraveled a terror plot by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to destroy a U.S.-bound airliner using an underwear bomb around the one-year anniversary of the killing of Usama bin Laden.The plot involved an upgrade of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate aboard a jetliner over Detroit on Christmas 2009. This new bomb was also designed to be used in a passenger’s underwear, but this time Al Qaeda developed a more refined detonation system, U.S. officials told the Associated Press.“Initial exploitation indicates that the device is very similar to IEDs that have been used previously by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in attempted terrorist attacks, including against aircraft and for targeted assassinations,” the FBI said in a written statement. “The FBI currently has possession of the IED and is conducting technical and forensics analysis on it.”Part of the examination includes seeing if the bomb could have gone undetected through airport security, and if it had the power to take down an airplane, officials said.They added that the device did not contain metal, meaning it probably could have passed through an airport metal detector. But it was not clear whether new body scanners used in many airports would have detected it.The would-be suicide bomber, based in Yemen, had not yet picked a target or bought his plane tickets when the CIA stepped in and seized the bomb, officials said. It’s not immediately clear what happened to the alleged bomber.A U.S. official told Fox News that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, remains “committed to striking targets in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the Homeland, and Europe. And AQAP is probably feeling pressure to conduct a successful attack to, from their perspective, avenge the deaths of bin Laden and Awlaki.”A team of U.S Navy SEALs killed bin Laden during a raid last May on his compound in Pakistan. Anwar al-Awlaki, an American-born cleric hiding in Yemen, was killed by a U.S. drone strike in September.Al-Awlaki was closely tied to AQAP and was the inspiration for multiple attacks on American targets, including the failed Christmas Day underwear bomb attack in 2009.“It is our assessment that the threat from AQAP is growing due to the territorial gains the group made during the political standoff in Yemen that lasted from early 2011 until this past February,” the U.S. official told Fox News. “Those territorial gains have allowed the group to establish additional training camps.”In a press conference at the Pentagon with China’s Minister of National Defense, Gen. Liang Guanglie, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said the US has to “continue to remain vigilant against those who would seek to attack this country and we will do everything necessary to keep America safe.”

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  • Elaine

    What a cruelty joke.  Bin Laden died 11 years ago.  The only deaths that did happen were that of members of Seal Team Six.

    • ljcarolyne

      I believe that is right.  Wicked Obamanation LIAR!!!  I’m so sick of that counterfeit getting by with that shit – day in and day out. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • Plumbline

    World chaos will soon bring the coming world leader called the ant–christ………

    ………..He will have the answers to terrifying world conditions. Daniel 8:23-25; 11:21
    He will begin to move toward the south, toward the east, and toward Israel. He will come from somewhere northwest of Israel. Daniel 8:8-9 He will either defeat or free three (3) countries that are within the boundaries of the Old Roman Empire. Daniel 7:8, 20, 24 He will come from within the boundaries of the Old Roman Empire. In the book of Daniel, a “horn” is a country or the head of that country. The antichrist is called “another little horn.” Daniel 7:8 He will display supernatural intelligence, probably given to him from Satan. Satan is a fallen angel and knows a lot of things people don’t. If he shares some of those things with this man, the antichrist will have the answers to the world’s problems. After all, Satan is the world’s problem. “Eyes of a man.” “Mouth speaking great things.” Daniel 7:8, 11; 8:23; 11:36; Isaiah 10:13-14; Ezekiel 28:3-5 He will bring peace and prosperity. With the cooperation of Satan, he could obtain world peace. Daniel 11:20, 24, 28; Ezekiel 28:4-5; I Thessalonians 5:2-4; Revelation 13:4 He will destroy wonderful things. Daniel 8:24 He will be able to tax the whole world. Daniel 11:20; Isaiah 10:13-14 He will hate the Jews. Genesis 12:3; Isaiah 10:3, 5-6, 27; Daniel 8:9; Ezekiel 38

  • hellosnackbar

    If the West employed literally an eye for an eye ,tooth for a tooth principle; capital punishment could be employed by strapping explosives to these twats and then posting it on Youtube.
    One had to laugh at the moaning of Musloids who claimed that OBL’s elimination was unislamic!
    He should have been sewn up in pigskin before being dumped in the sea.


    It is impossible to prevent someone willing to die strapped to explosives.
    Our security apparatuses are designed, trained to face “normal” terrorists, such as the ones involved in Munich (1972), Entebbe (1976), TWA (1985)…
    After the pisslamic revolution perpetrated in Iran, ALL changed.
    As far as I remember, the suicide-bombers made their bloody debut in Beirut, killing hundreds of Israelis, Frenchmen and mainly American marines, in 1983.

    A suicide-bomber will stop at nothing. He won’t demand money, the release of musloid prisoners from “zionist dungeons”…nothing.
    Nothing explains pisslam better than a suicide-bomber.

    • ljcarolyne

      Pisslam – great name for those evil devils.  Why are we even allowing any of them to live and breed?
      They are nothing but a corrupted gene pool, that infects the earth. “We will do everything necessary  to keep America safe.”  Well then, get rid of Obama and his minions which has only brought shame and blame to our country.  Things have only gotten worse with a Muslim in the WH that bows to a Saudi King no less. 

      • JEWHAWK

        Dear Ljcarolyne, I’m not optimist about Romney’s odds in November.
        Should he pick Allen West as his VP, he’d augment his profile among blacks.
        Should he pick Marco Rubio, he’d do better among hispanics.
        Both hispanics and blacks are overwhelmingly Obumbo Osama’s supporters. Without them, no candidate would succeed in a presidential bid.
        Once the democraps re-elect the kenyan POTUS, they are poised to flood America with Mexican immigrants, register all of them as democraps.
        Should this tragedy occur, American will become a dictatorship, since only the democraps will be able to win elections.
        To become a huge, continental Venezuela. That’s what future holds in store for America.

  • Tonto

    The muz have been a paper tiger for years.  The strike they made in the US were basicall because WE were flat on our ass about our own security.  The Detroit ares has the highest concentration of islamic outside the M/E in America.  They have been “contained”.  Islamics kill hell out of each other and those that are easy targets…and still manage to get their butts kicked all around the block every time they face a real fight.  Facing Jews from the IDF or any American troops….is suicide for them….and they know it.  Heap smoke, no fire.  Punk asses.

  • hellosnackbar

    I just heard this morning that the suicide bomber who delivered the bomb to the CIA was a British agent posing as an Islamic madman.
    Apparently MI6 are pissed off that this information was revealed.
    If someone like that puts their life at extreme risk then their anonynimity should be the focus of protection.

    • Anonymous

       No shit. Yet more proof that the media is willfully or ignorantly on the side of islamic supremacy.

  • hellosnackbar

    Just watching “the big question” on the subject of sexual grooming by Pakis on under privileged white girls in Rochdale.
    The prosecution was enacted by a Paki with his native colleagues not wishing to be involved(shows the pathological influence of PC). This is a Paki who deserves a serious pat on the back.
    Ann Cryer a labour MP (Keighley) lambasted the police for their inaction(she’s been atypically labour for years).
    The cry by one reasonable Paki that the Pakis should police their own community was rejected by others as this was the job of the police.
    He was accused by another Paki of giving succour to the BNP.

    • Anonymous

       Well, that’s par for the course. The murderous, supremacist, violent ‘tiny minority of extremists” always shout down, threaten, and over rule the “modern, moderate” silent majority of musloid unicorns.

      We’ve got one of those here in the States by the name of Zudhi Jasser. He practices his own version of islam which the “tiny minority of extremists” tell us is not the real islam. He, and about a dozen of  his fellow unicorns, had a demonstration FOR the NYPD’S profiling of “muslim Americans.”

      HUNDREDS of the “tiny minority of extremists” held several demonstrations condemning the NYPD for their “Racist” agenda.

      Jasser and the unicorn brigade, the same dozen, have held press conferences condemning the CAIR bear thugs and declaring “they don’t represent us.” CAIR is a supremacist media front for the MB and tied to hamas and hezbollah. They are litigation terrorists who unbelievably are allowed to dictate procedures to police departments and the FBI!

      Jasser and the unicorn brigade, while well intentioned, are delusional and or dangerous. People see them and this Paki prosecutor and think “muslims are patriotic, and well intentioned.” The truth is, they are the tiny minority and they are harangued, attacked (usually verbally), demonized, and rejected by the vast majority.

      They reject the supremacist, violent ayats of mein kuranmpf. They reject the sunnah and yet still call themselves muslim. They live in their own private, make believe islam. To the beligerent majority they are apostates. According to the conditions set forth in mein kuranmpf they are apostates. The beligerent majority do NOT follow their lead.

      Unknowing kaffir, see the deeds of this well intentioned “extremely tiny minority” and convince themselves that THIS is islam and THEY are the majority of muslims when in fact they are not muslims.

  • Magicmaninthesky Nothanks

    Nuke Mecca.