No surprise here, mosque used as bombmaking factory

by Kal El on April 28, 2012 · 17 comments

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And of course the media will remain silent, since anything that makes islam look bad is immediately declared to be racist and islamophobic.

250kg of explosives seized at mosque following Afghan raid with Light Dragoons, based in Swanton Morley near Dereham


The surprise raid, using Chinook helicopters, forced insurgents to flee before they could arm booby traps surrounding the weapons factory, leaving their freshly-made tea and flip-flops behind.

The Dragoons are part of the Brigade Reconnaissance Force (BRF), which discovered the weapons cache in the Hyderabad area of Helmand province while supporting Afghan soldiers in the operation.

About 300 Light Dragoons, based at the Robertson Barracks in Swanton Morley, near Dereham, have just started their six-month deployment to the war-torn country.

The soldiers were deployed by Chinook helicopter following intelligence reports that a mosque was being used as an improvised explosive device factory, and found equipment including a large number of pressure plates and other bomb-making components.

Military working dogs found booby traps around the weapons factory and ready to be armed, but the Ministry of Defence said the speed of the Afghan troops once on the ground prevented the insurgents from arming them.

Major Dalby-Welsh of the Light Dragoons, and officer commanding of the BRF, said: “This represents a real blow for the insurgency; this is a quarter-of-a-tonne of explosives which cannot be used against the Afghans or ISAF troops.

“We were confident that we would find something but we didn’t expect to find a cache of this size.”

The explosives and detonators were destroyed on site, while a large amount of evidence was taken back to Camp Bastion for further analysis.

The BRF is Task Force Helmand’s eyes and ears across the area of operations, and is currently made up of 13 units from across 12 Mechanized Brigade.

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    Things that glow in the night?

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      Wouldn’t it be nice to light up a few other places (you know what I’m thinking)  with the Muslim Bro inside!!!  Plz send me the link of the cute pig, roasting a Muz.  Love it.  I saved it but wanted to post it on a site with an alteration of BHO on the grill.  hahahahahahahan Can that be done?  Or, would we get in trouble with the secret servicemen hanging out on the blogs, having not so secret sex with under age call girls while spying on us.  Creepy world we live in nowadays!  GRRRR
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            These sites are monitored closely now by you know who.
            BAM U can’t say anything now that is the truth about the forged BC or mention the MF’s  I meant MB’s – I get those two confused – since there is no difference - Lying Sumbitch Pigs.

          • Gary Rumain

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            Listen to this:
            I’m not sure that is what we were talking about but thought you needed to here this video my friend. 

          • Gary Rumain

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  • Stephen Rohaty

    I hope the explosives were detonated in situ.

    • Gary Rumain

      Yeah, that’s what I’d like to see too.

  • Plumbline

    A dead religion that Kills………..

    ………..John 16:2………….
    ……… Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.


    The koranderthal orcs use hospitals, schools, private homes and mosques to stash everything.
    When the infidels destroy one of these “innocent, civilian” buildings, they say it was a war crime…
    And the stupidly pro-musloid western media buys the whole thing at face value !

  • Gas02291960

    Where is the outrage by the clerics and politicians?  Where are the speeches from President Karzai
    and his corrupt muslim cronies lambasting the Taliban and muslims who are
    involved?  Let’s be clear here, a muslim
    holy place has been desecrated, defaced! 
    Where are the protestors to march through the towns and cities blasting
    out “Kill the taliban and Al Qaeda” bastards!  Oh….that’s right…..muslims only get
    whipped up into a frenzy when its non-muslims who do these things.  muslims are only authorized to go on killing
    sprees if a non-muslim is involved.  Once
    they see that it’s just the military or Uncle Ali Baba making explosives and
    IEDs to kill the locals and foreigners….that is AOK!  What a worthless religion that tolerates this
    type of hypocritical behavior.